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Dining Etiquette East vs West (Visitors & New Immigrants Must See)

Dining Etiquette East vs West
When I first came to America, I wish I had watched a video like this. A few times I felt embarrassed not because of my own culture but because I did not have the chance to learn some things ahead of time and sometimes I failed to notice the cultural differences.
Living in a country where you did not grow up is very tough especially if you fail to observe culture norms. This video is not intended to look down on anyone’s heritage, and I hope you watch it lightheartedly. Please share it with people who you think may have issues similar to mine! It is a must for visitors & new Immigrants. Remember first impressions are very important and small things also matter.
Thank you.

Visiting 3 Parks Near Santa Cruz In 1 Day

How do you visit 3 State Parks around Santa Cruz in 1 day?

This video shows clips of Ano Nuevo State Park, Natural Bridges State Beach, Henry Cowell Redwood (or Big Basin Redwood).
The price? Only $7 at Ano Nuevo plus $10 for all 3 parks.
You are going to see the highly recommended elephant seal tour at Ano Nuevo State Park, see butterfly migration at Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve & a few beaches and of course the redwood trees at either Henry Cowell Redwood or Big Basin redwoods state park.

For more details about the Ano Nuevo see this video: http://youtu.be/wDv2fAPrqKA

Preparation For Traveling To Europe

Preparation For Traveling To Europe

Get the following ready:
tour guide book
hide wallets using secure strapped travel pouch (strap on neck)
hide wallets using secure strapped travel pouch (strap on neck)  zipped bag for wallets
straps for other things
water bottle flattens & folds when empty; color encode to four
cheap watches
alarm watch
memory chips for camera
fill small sunscreen bottles
hand sanitizer
motion sickness medicine
thin scarf