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I Challenge You & Offer Money or Fame To Beat Me, Challenge 2

I Challenge You & Offer Money or Fame To Beat Me, Challenge 2

I Challenge You & Offer Money or Fame To Beat Me (patent US6904501)
This is Challenge 2, the same term as Challenge 1 (Click here For Challenge 1)
Do you want money or fame? I will offer both. I challenge you to beat me by offering real money & fame. Here is the deal:
If you are the first person to leave a comment here stating you have beaten my patent US 6,904,501 (www.google.com/patents/US6904501.pdf), then I will do the following once I have verified your claim:
1. Pay you between $10 to $1000 depending on the number of likes up to your post:
1a. $10 if there are zero likes on this video.
1b. $1 per like, up to $1000 maximum total.
1c. If other viewers match my reward, you will get additional reward from them.
2. If you are a student taking related courses about this topic, I will personally call your professor to congratulate him for mentoring his brilliant student. I hope at least you may get better grade.
3. Similarly if requested, I will call & congratulate your boss if you were not a student. I hope you may get a raise.
4. I will make a follow up video to salute you 3 times to show my respect.
5. I encourage other viewers to also make offering to match my monetary reward (leave comment here stating your intention).
6. I encourage other viewers to leave other offers worth at least $10 for successful completion of the challenge (leave comment here stating your intention).

The patent can be found here:
The title is “Cache Memory For Identifying Locked & Least Recently Used Storage Locations”. Our computer memory is getting bigger & bigger, people are building very larger cache & larger system memory. You will be famous. Thus please:
1. if you don’t know the topic, then like it because I will pay more for more likes.
2. you may offer your own reward or free services here. If you agree that no one may beat me, then what is the risk?
3. if you are a college student, please pass or share this to your computer or engineering friends to give them a chance to make some money.
4. If you are a professor, you may assign this video as reading material because your students would be motivated to learn while having a chance to make some money.

Please subscribe to our channel. This is challenge 2, more challenges are coming.

Challenge 1 is here: