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10 Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

10 Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

If you don’t have a corkscrew, there are still many possible different ways to open a wine bottle. I classify various methods into 3 categories. Which one of the 10 ways is easier, safer & available? To save you the time, I review 10 different ways to open the bottle, make a few experiments to verify that they are working and compare the merits & effectiveness.

Toward the end of the video, at time 8:09 I will present the top ranking of the 10 methods. My chopstick method is the winner because it is usually available & easy to use although it has its limitations. The limitations of other methods are also discussed.

We can never skip fun in any video, if you want to impress your friends at the party and if your cork is inside the bottle, I will show you a way to take the cork out.

Please use the comment section below to share what is your favorite way to open the bottle.

Windshield crack repair experiment

Windshield crack repair experiment 1:

Welcome to http://CarTrek.com
I hope you can learn from my mistakes. This should save your time and money. This is an attempt to repair a windshield crack with glue from a windshield repair kit.
1. The suction cup that came with the repair kit is not used. The suction cup is used for bull’s eye, small hole type of repair. If you have long crack type damage, you may just buy the glue without the suction cup to save money.
3. park the car in a place without sunlight, because you don’t want the glue harden as soon as you apply it.
4. I drilled a hole to stop the crack extension, but failed: it melted a drill bit from a rotary tool, broke a regular drill bit in half, and made the crack longer.
5. Crack can be outside layer, inside layer or the sandwich layer. If the crack is due to a flying rock or stone from outside, it is likely the crack is at the outside layer. My crack started from the back mirror stand, , thus it is difficult to deter
mine whether it is inside or outside.

Windshield crack repair experiment 2:

Continue from part 1 above

1. not sure whether the crack is inside or outside, so applied the glue to both inside and outside.
2. outside: fist apply glue to the cracks on windshield, and then cover the crack with curing strip.
3. inside: because of gravity, apply glue to the curing strip first, and then stick the curing strip to the windshield.
4. move the car to a place under sunlight.
5. Only a few minutes later, the outside glue hardened.
6. Inside glue still wet after an hour, because the ultraviolet light is blocked by the windshield glass.
7. clean the inside wet glue with paper towels.
8. use razor to clean outside hardened glue, be careful, razor is sharp.
9. I hope you learned from my mistakes. This should save your time and money.