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How Can Dog Owners Save 1 Million Plastic Bags Per Year? Please share.

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Our Adopted Dog-First Vet Visit, Part 2

In Part 2 of our adopted dog’s first vet visit, the vet discusses more lab testing, vaccinations and basic grooming. Lab tests are for heartworm and various possible parasites. We learn more about heartworm and other parasites, fleas, ticks, ear infections, and gingivitis.

We have adopted a dog from the shelter. About a week later we took him for his first vet visit. Well, we did not know if this was his first visit but certainly it was our first.

We recommend you prepare questions in advance and take notes during the visit (we would have forgot a lot of it had we taken this video). Sample questions are:

* Discuss your pet’s dietary habits. It is always helpful to briefly discuss your pet’s diet and feeding schedule. As your pet grows, nutrition needs change and if you are not sure about these, ask. If your pet has digestive problems, ask if there is anything about your pet’s diet that needs changing.

* Ask about dental care and grooming challenges. Good teeth and basic grooming both promote your dog’s long-term health and well-being.

* Bring records of vaccinations and any medications the dog has had. Even if you know the vet has the records, it is good to also maintain your own. Bring them to the vet every time and have the records filled out. This helps you to remember what has been done, when the next vaccinations are due and it is also handy if you change your vet.

* Tell the vet any health or behavior concerns you have, anything you’ve observed that you think might be unusual or you don’t understand. Do not hold back, as not reporting all the symptoms can lead to an incorrect diagnosis and your dog might not be fully helped.

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teeth problem
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ear infection
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tartar buildup
Upset stomach
Dental disease

The first part of this visit can be found here: