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Part 3, The Least Messy Way To Cut & Store Watermelon

This is part three following the original http://youtu.be/bL0V3xsgD5E “The Least Messy Way to Cut a Watermelon” and part two http://youtu.be/q3SezyBu5es.

In this video, we remind you that watermelon rind can be used in cooking. And we will also discuss other ways to cut the watermelon.

I am sharing these ideas here so that we make fuller use of all the resources we have, reducing waste.

the previous watermelon videos:

DIY: Best Way to Organize Earbuds, Chargers and All Those Miscellaneous Wires

Do you hate all the tangled cables? I have an original “invention,” a simple perfect solution! This will help you deal with all those tangled and hard to identify chargers, connection cables, earbuds, and more that you have lying around, providing an easy, quick way for you to organize all your small items. It will take you 20 seconds DIY, and your life will be changed forever.

Please share it with your friends, re-use is better than recycle, please save the earth

DIY: The Cheapest Summer Kids Projects With The Best Results

A few years ago, before the kids entered college, we had an incredible summer project the kids would never ever forget. It was very real, it was challenging, but they gained experience they could not obtain elsewhere. And as the parents we learned and gained just as much if not more.

The URL for the facebook game and the forum is no longer working, the website can be found here:

The Cheapest Way To Change Spark Plug

Based on the kinds of the tools you have, I will provide the cheapest way for you to change your spark plug. There are 3 key pieces:
1. the spark plug socket (rubber socket, magnetic socket or spring socket) , did you know you can make your own socket for changing the spark plug?
2. the gap gauge
3. the wrench extension set.

Since you don’t change your spark plug many times, you may not choose to buy a special tool. I claim to be the cheapest.

DIY: Make Your Own Spark Plug Socket

Did you know you can make your own socket for changing the spark plug? You can get rubber socket, magnetic socket or spring socket, but since changing the spark plug is simply removing the old one and installing the new one, if you don’t change spark plug often why spend more money than necessary?

This video discussed various issues about spark plug socket.

DIY: The Instant Clean Up After A Paint Job

Very often I need to do a small paint job, whether it is paint or wood stain or polyurethane. The cleaning is always the pain, actually I had to spend more time to clean than the actually paint job.
As long as you can find cheap material similar to a paint brush, paint roller or paint pad, you can do a good job without cleaning.

4 Ways To Make An Engine Oil Funnel & The Correct Way To Pour Oil

This video shows you how to use easily available material to cut an engine oil funnel. You may choose one of the 4 ways available to you. Also 2 different ways to pour the engine oil, use the correct method.

Part 2, The Least Messy Way To Cut & Store Watermelon

Part 2, The Least Messy Way To Cut & Store Watermelon

This is part two of the original video http://youtu.be/bL0V3xsgD5E “The Least Messy Way to Cut a Watermelon. How To Cut & Store Watermelon” and save the earth, starting little, one plastic wrap at a time.
If you can’t finish your big watermelon, how do you store it in the refrigerator? Some viewers asked more alternative ways to cut the watermelon, specially when the watermelon is too big. This video shows some alternative ways to save space.

I am sharing it here to save the earth. Please share this video, our goal is to save one plastic wrap at a time. We should not be living on this planet as if we have another one to go to.

the original watermelon vidoe:

Baking Soda & Vinegar Rocket: The Safe Way

Baking Soda & Vinegar Rocket: The Safe Way

No more hurry, no more rush in making baking soda & vinegar rocket
When making the traditional baking soda and vinegar rocket you really need to act fast after you plug the bottle with the cork. It can be messy and sometimes unsafe. This video will show you how you can have plenty of time after you seal the bottle.