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  • DIY: Cheapest & Easiest Removable Gray Water System

    Funny Brilliant DIY. If you don’t want to modify your existing drain pipes, if you don’t want to spend much money, if you want an easy design, then you need to watch this video. I provide two easy implementation choices, feel free to adapt to your home configurations. The end result is a removable gray […]

  • DIY: The Cheapest Summer Kids Projects With The Best Results

    A few years ago, before the kids entered college, we had an incredible summer project the kids would never ever forget. It was very real, it was challenging, but they gained experience they could not obtain elsewhere. And as the parents we learned and gained just as much if not more. The URL for the […]

  • Life Hack: No More Ice On Your Windshield

    Life Hack: No More Ice On Your Windshield What is the best way to prevent ice on your car? The best is the one that is: easiest, fastest, safest and cheapest.