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4 Ways To Make An Engine Oil Funnel & The Correct Way To Pour Oil

This video shows you how to use easily available material to cut an engine oil funnel. You may choose one of the 4 ways available to you. Also 2 different ways to pour the engine oil, use the correct method.

Emergency Brake Pedal Assembly & Stuck Brake Cable

Emergency (Parking) Brake Pedal Assembly & Stuck Emergency (Parking) Brake Cable

The emergency (parking) brake pedal stopped working, I made a mistake of removing the emergency (parking) brake pedal assembly. So the first part of this video is good for someone who needs to fix the emergency (parking) brake pedal assembly problems.
The second part of the video (rear drum brake) actually fixed my problem. The car in the video is a 1998 Dodge Caravan.

Rotate Tires Without Any Special Tools

Rotate Tires Without Any Special Tools

How do you Rotate Tires Without Any (extra) Special Tools. Depending on what kind of tools you own, tire rotation is not a difficult job. Many people have jack stands or pneumatic jack. But what if you don’t have any special tools?

You have to use something, just not to use special tool. I define the “special” tool as anything that does not come with the car. I assume your car comes with one jack and one compact spare tire. Some cars do not recommend tire rotation such as some BMW, they even do not provide spare tires (run-flat tires), the car does not come with jack either, so this video is not for you if that is the case.