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D Rated & Unforgettable : Swim With Spinner Dolphins

A swim with dolphins is often described it as an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. This was a wonderful encounter with the spinner dolphins at the Kua Bay the Big Island of Hawaii. First we got to one of their many resting areas where they will spend the day.

This is usually the time when the dolphins are the most playful, leaping and spinning as they go, and many fantastic displays may be witnessed and photographed.

Spinner dolphins are so named because of their acrobatic behavior. They commonly leap high out of the water and spin, rotating many times. Your best chance of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii without chasing them around on a boat is to spend time in areas where they are known to reside. When dolphins “sleep,” they actually have one eye open and one eye closed, resting one half of their brain at a time.

We also learned that these dolphins have sex for fun, that they mate all year round at any time and not just to reproduce during a mating season. Still, what are the odds of viewing this event with only one hour in the water with dolphins? Maybe we were lucky, or maybe you are not observant (we only realized it after we got home), we caught it on camera.

High definition video may help you see all of this better. This video is shot using a Gopro Hero3+ Black in the highest 4K setting (if you have 4K TV, you may select this youtube Setting/Quality).

Experience Of A Lifetime: Amazing Giant Mantas Glide & Somersault Within Inches

This was an incredible encounter with the Kona Manta Rays at the Keahole Bay (near the Kona Airport), on the Big Island of Hawaii, one of the very few locations you can swim with manta rays. The Kona Coast is the best place to spot manta rays in Hawaii, and the manta ray night swimming is unlike anything you will find on any other island. At night, spotlights are used to attract plankton which in turn attracts the mantas that feed off the plankton. Our tour took off an hour or so before sunset from Honokohau Harbor just north of Kailua-Kona. As night fell, with the help of these lights and attracted by the plankton in the water, we were treated to an amazing show as giant mantas glide and somersault in mesmerizing patterns. The mantas swam within inches of us, always managing to avoid contact at the last second. Getting this close to these ethereal mantas is truly an unforgettable experience.

Much like a fingerprint is unique to each human, manta rays have distinguishing black and white markings on their underside that are used to identify them. These gentle giants can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 3000 pound; their giant mouths are very intimidating, but these extraordinary sea creatures have no teeth and no tail stingers, making this the safest large animal encounter in the world.
This video is shot from a Gopro Hero3+ in the highest 4K setting.