Elephant Seal Tour @ Ano Nuevo State Park

Elephant Seal Tour At Ano Nuevo State Park

Have you heard about the annual elephant seal migration to the beaches of Año Nuevo State Reserve?
Highly recommend the Ano Nuevo State Park and check out the elephant seal tour. It is only $7 per person (plus state park parking $10).

These massive creatures were only a few feet away and they did not notice us. Females giving birth, pups nursing from their mother and bull males fighting one another. This is amazing experience to see & hear the bulls braying & throwing their massive weight around while claiming their turf & protecting their harem.

Some people have lived in California for over many years and never visited this park. If you live in Bay Area you have no excuse not to visit Ano Nuevo.
The tour covers approximately 3.5 miles and about 2 to 3 hours so be prepared to bring water (but no food allowed). You should book your tour online beforehand since they fill up quickly, especially on the weekends.