Craters, Rainbow Falls & Painted Church – Big Island, Hawaii-UHD 4K

There are some minor attractions on the Big Island of Hawaii that are not are as glamorous as others. If you want a quick preview if you are considering stopping by, or if you have already been to Hawaii and missed these for whatever reason, here is a quick glimpse.

There are many craters on the Chain of Craters road, the 1974 Lava Flow field, Puhimau Crater Pullout, Lua Manu Crater Pullout, Ko’oko’olau Crater, Hi’iaka Crater Basin. The Rainbow Falls is in Wailuku River State Park. The Painted Church was erected in 1899 by Father John Velghe. Without any professional training and using house paint on ordinary wood he beautified the church with his paintings.

The Big Island is the largest and the southeastern-most of the Hawaiian islands, a chain of volcanic islands in the North Pacific Ocean. With an area of 4,028 square miles (10,430 km2), it is larger than all of the other islands in the archipelago combined and is the largest island in the United States.

Rainbow Falls
Painted Church
Big Island

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High definition video may help you see all of this better. This video is shot using a Gopro in the highest 4K setting (if you have 4K TV, you may select this youtube Setting/Quality).

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