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Buy, Unpack & Use A Gopro Camera in One Hour

Due to a last minute decision, we had to buy, unpack and get familiar with a Gopro Hero3+ Black Edition in a hurry. Since we couldn’t wait any web deal, we had to get a retail bundle from Bestbuy. The first 5 minutes of unpacking is frustrating, I hope this video will help you save the time. In terms of usage, this video provides the minimum you need to know, you can defer reading the users guide until your trip when you have more time.

Note the new camera froze during the first usage. I had to update the firmware, the steps are as follows:
1. from your PC, download the from, uncompress it in a folder called UPDATE.
2. insert microSD card in the card reader, and copy the UPDATE folder onto the microSD card.
3. insert the microSD card in your camera, and power up.

One Million Views Milestone

One Million Views Milestone

We have reached ONE MILLION views — yep, that’s right! You heard us! We can hardly believe it!

You are all important to us, and we do feel a responsibility to make our channel more useful. Our goals are the following:
1. Inspire & learn. all with fun and entertainment.
2. Save money
3. Save time
With this principle, the top five videos are listed below:
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As we say in our videos all the time, we really enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to share with you the things we learned. We needed something like this in our lives so many years ago. But think, that now we can do this for you… well, it is amazing, a way to keep learning and growing, and it is a privilege to receive your comments.