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  • Fastest Way To Fix Bike Tire With Least Effort and No Special Tools.

    You all know that putting the tire back to the rim is a difficult job. I will show you the best way to do it without special tools. As any repair I perform, I always prefer the easiest path with minimal removal and the least adjustment. You may choose either to patch the hole or […]

  • Short Domain Names Investment Case Study

    Why short domain names .com may make a good investment? Let us look at what happened on Nov. 2, 2007. Supply and demand is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of a market economy. Surprisingly, short domain investment can be explained directly and easily using this law. […]

  • It only takes one slip of a wheel–Afterthoughts

    It only takes one slip of a wheel–Afterthoughts. It only takes one slip of a wheel–Car Wreck Afterthoughts. I have not had any accident for 10 years, learned my lesson. However I still may not escape problems. This is the very last video of this car. Really hope this video can help someone, anyone. Thank […]

  • Clean Install Windows 7

    1. Make Sure You have the windows 7 (as well as other products’s license number if any) license number.  If your license is not very clear, you need to estimate how many different combination you need to try. You may also use a software to extract the license number,  you can use a keyfinder program […]

  • 3TB disk only 2.7TB

    Why A 3TB disk is only 2.7TB and what is the future trend?   Just bought a 3TB hard disk drive. However this 3TB disk is 2.72TB in size according to my computer. How do I “lose” 271 GB disk space? You may not have noticed this when the storage was in mega bytes, because […]

  • Tire: Work on the real nuts, not fake nuts

    Tire Change: Work on the real nuts, not fake nuts How to Change the Tire? First you need to take the wheel off. How to take the wheel off? Don’t try your wrench on the fake nuts! Take the cap off first! The cap has the fake nuts. Work on the real nuts, not on […]

  • How To replace dodge caravan front brake pads

    How To replace dodge caravan front brake pads Today we are going to show you how to replace dodge caravan front brake pad. Dodge Caravan 1998 (good for other similar caravan models). Prepare: get brake pads; clamp; wrench; tools to remove wheels (wrench and jack); Steps: 1. remove the wheel 1a. remove the decorative cap […]

  • Hardwood Floor –part 1: How to Prepare

    This is the part 1 of the “Hardwood Floor” video series. If you want to see other videos of the series, visit the following links: hardwood floor part2: how to install hardwood floor part3: how totrim hardwood floor part 4: how to stair and handrail 1.     What the video is about In this video […]

  • 52 Gas Saving Tips

    We have total 52 car gas saving tips in this article: +26 strategies without cost +3 wash rule +16 controversial or minor + 8 next car buying ==================== =52 total car gas saving tips The gas price continues to rise and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.  I wanted to share this article about fuel efficient […]

  • why medical tour

    Examples why you would go abroad for treatment. Your health insurance does not cover the specific treatment. For example, for your annual physical exam the insurance only covers only the blood test of small numbers of disease. If you want test of more than cholesterol and blood sugar levels, for example test of 200 possible […]