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  • The Cheapest Oil Change Using Zero-Cost DIY Tools – in 4K UHD

    Why is this the cheapest oil change in the world? Because it includes four different DIY tools you can make at zero cost. In this video, I listed these DIY tools as four challenges. If you can make something even cheaper, then I will have the utmost respect for you. Note that tools for oil […]

  • Leaf Lease Lessons Learned

    The title is a tongue twister but it is not as hard as getting a new Nissan Leaf. I thought I was good at getting a new car but I still messed up a bit this time. I was quick and efficient, i.e. I sent out the price inquiry email one day, and next day […]

  • Make Shaving Cream When Traveling

    How To Make Shaving Cream When Traveling If you forgot your shaving cream, how can you make your own shaving cream when you are traveling? Which one is better or worse? The following is the result of experiment, ordering from the best to the worst: My mix your own 5-1-1 Lotion Conditioner Butter Peanut butter […]