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How To Pick A Watermelon Like A Pro In 10 minutes

Do you really know what you are looking for when tapping a watermelon in the store? When I was little I used to pretend to knock on the watermelon as if I knew what I was doing, but now I am sharing the secrets mastered only by the pros.

How can you guarantee choosing the best watermelon? Under what conditions does each method can apply? If you don’t have as many watermelons to use to sharpen your skill as the farmers do, what is the best way to practice? In 10 minutes, you will learn all different ways and be much more knowledgeable and better than most of your friends.

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No More Juice on Your Face-How to Cut & Eat Watermelon & Still Be Clean

So often when we eat watermelon, it is a juicy and drippy experience. This video shows a great way to cut and serve, keeping your cut watermelon clean on any surface, and keeping your face from getting sticky with watermelon juice.

This is a great way to cut watermelon on a picnic table. Or serve cleanly and neatly in other situations.

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Big Surprise: Ames Test Shows More Carcinogens in Organic Food?

We switched to mostly organic foods a while back. However I found myself puzzled when I learned about the Ames Test, which shows that natural food may have more carcinogens.

What should I do after learning about all the conflicting views? For my organic garden, should I go to the nursery to ask for the varieties with less bug resistance? Or should I go to the organic store and ask for buggy vegetables or pest infested fruits?

Obviously we should ask the government to work on the food labeling. The producers should disclose the amount of carcinogens in their products. If you may not live that long, you should watch my next video titled: “DIY: the cheapest relative carcinogens test”. In the mean time you may use the dirty dozen and clean 15 list to reduce your pesticides intake. Live long and prosper.

Part 3, The Least Messy Way To Cut & Store Watermelon

This is part three following the original “The Least Messy Way to Cut a Watermelon” and part two

In this video, we remind you that watermelon rind can be used in cooking. And we will also discuss other ways to cut the watermelon.

I am sharing these ideas here so that we make fuller use of all the resources we have, reducing waste.

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Dining Etiquette East vs West (Visitors & New Immigrants Must See)

Dining Etiquette East vs West
When I first came to America, I wish I had watched a video like this. A few times I felt embarrassed not because of my own culture but because I did not have the chance to learn some things ahead of time and sometimes I failed to notice the cultural differences.
Living in a country where you did not grow up is very tough especially if you fail to observe culture norms. This video is not intended to look down on anyone’s heritage, and I hope you watch it lightheartedly. Please share it with people who you think may have issues similar to mine! It is a must for visitors & new Immigrants. Remember first impressions are very important and small things also matter.
Thank you.