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  • Don’t Peel Stickers Off the Fruit, There Is A Better Way

    Most people peel the stickers off the fruit and then wash it. You need to understand that it is not easy to wash the glue off. Even though it is not a big deal to eat the glue (you won’t die from eating the tiny amount), I will show you a simple and easy way […]

  • How To Unbox GoPro Hero4 Black & Connect to Smartphone in 5 Minutes

    How To Unbox GoPro Hero4 Black & Connect to Smartphone in 5 Minutes

    I am going to show you how to unbox a new GoPro Hero4 Black and connect the camera to a smartphone in 5 minutes. I will also show you some of the best and most useful accessories I have used. GoPro’s unpacking instructions that came with the package are not that good, the first few […]

  • A Dozen Ways To Consume A Kiwi

    What are the different ways people eat a hairy fruit? This is a collection of dozen different ways to cut or eat a kiwi. Peeling kiwi fruits can be a slippery business, but I will make it fun and easy for you. Kiwis taste delicious and are good for your health. Oh – the fuzzy […]

  • How To Pick A Watermelon Like A Pro In 10 minutes

    Do you really know what you are looking for when tapping a watermelon in the store? When I was little I used to pretend to knock on the watermelon as if I knew what I was doing, but now I am sharing the secrets mastered only by the pros. How can you guarantee choosing the […]

  • No More Juice on Your Face-How to Cut & Eat Watermelon & Still Be Clean

    So often when we eat watermelon, it is a juicy and drippy experience. This video shows a great way to cut and serve, keeping your cut watermelon clean on any surface, and keeping your face from getting sticky with watermelon juice. This is a great way to cut watermelon on a picnic table. Or serve […]

  • Big Surprise: Ames Test Shows More Carcinogens in Organic Food?

    We switched to mostly organic foods a while back. However I found myself puzzled when I learned about the Ames Test, which shows that natural food may have more carcinogens. What should I do after learning about all the conflicting views? For my organic garden, should I go to the nursery to ask for the […]

  • DIY: Easiest, Cheapest & Best Way To Peel Orange

    If you hate peeling oranges with your fingers, but don’t have any special device to help you out, I will show you 3 simple ways to make the tools yourself (my personal favorite is the sharp can lid option). And it does not cost you anything.

  • Part 3, The Least Messy Way To Cut & Store Watermelon

    This is part three following the original “The Least Messy Way to Cut a Watermelon” and part two In this video, we remind you that watermelon rind can be used in cooking. And we will also discuss other ways to cut the watermelon. I am sharing these ideas here so that we make […]

  • DIY: Best Way to Organize Earbuds, Chargers and All Those Miscellaneous Wires

    Do you hate all the tangled cables? I have an original “invention,” a simple perfect solution! This will help you deal with all those tangled and hard to identify chargers, connection cables, earbuds, and more that you have lying around, providing an easy, quick way for you to organize all your small items. It will […]

  • Basic & Advanced Techniques To Use A Public Toilet

    For basic users, we demonstrate the correct way to lay the seat cover and avoid the cover getting pushed off the seat. For the advanced users, there are more ways to make sure the cover stays where it is placed, and if the bathroom is really dirty, we entertain you on various ways to do […]