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  • January Barometer

    The January barometer is the hypothesis that stock market performance in January (particularly in the US) predicts its performance for the rest of the year. So if the stock market rises in January, it is likely to continue to rise by the end of December. Probably the best known is “as January goes, so goes […]

  • Halloween indicator

    The Halloween indicator is a variant of the stock market adage “Sell in May and go away,” the belief that the period from November to April has significantly stronger growth on average than the other months. In such strategies, stocks are sold at the start of May and the proceeds held in cash; stocks are […]

  • Presidential Cycle

    Presidential Cycle As we discussed in the marketing timing strategies, we will spend more time to dig deeper into the Presidential Cycle. The first year is the weakest of all four years. Higher returns during the last two years of a Presidential term than the first years. The expectation is that as a President takes […]

  • January effect

    January effect As we discussed in the marketing timing strategies, January Effect is the oldest and more common accepted ideas. In this article, we expand the topic and look at more details. Increase in buying securities before the end of the year for a lower price, and selling them in January to generate profit from […]

  • Easy ESPP Mathematical Formula

    When you are first hired to a new company, the human resource personnel would educate you that Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is a fantastic deal etc. She would spend hours explaining how the 15% number  would nest you a profit. An ESPP typically works this way: 1. You contribute to the ESPP from x% […]