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Barcelona, Spain

Travel to Barcelona, Spain welcomes you!
It is the second largest city in Spain.
What to see
how to get around
all major attractions, Casa Milà;Sagrada Família;Antoni Gaudí;Santa Maria del Mar;

To help you to identify the real tickets from the fakes one, here are some scans from our real trips.
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Sagrada Ticket For adult

Sagrada Tickets For student

Pickpocket experience in Europe

My own pickpocket experience in Europe, how can you avoid it?

I have heard about the pickpocketing in Europe, and I had followed my 5 steps to avoid it. Yet still it happened to me. How can you avoid it?
If you have any other suggestions, or similar experiences, please leave your comments here. Let’s stop the pickpocketing together.
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Time Saving Trick Vatican Museum & St. Peter’s Basilica

Time Saving Trick Vatican Museum & St. Peter’s Basilica

As we stated in another video, buying Vatican Museum’s ticket online will save you time when you are going into the museum. Now the problem is:
Vatican Museum’s map is really confusing, not only the 2D map does not indicate which path is on the second level (3D), but also only half of the notes are in English.
The waiting line to St. Peter’s Basilica is quite long, we would share with you a trick: you may take a short cut from the Vatican Museum to the St. Peter’s Basilica without going through the security line again.