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My Funny Carnival Cruise Talent Show

My Funny Carnival Cruise Talent Show.

My Funny Carnival Cruise Talent Show. An Inspiration for Shy Non-Native English Speakers
Do I have any talent? English is not my native language and I have no talent at all. I only have the courage to try to be funny in front of thousand people. I went on the show to inspire my kids and now I am sharing it so that this video can inspire those who might want to but hesitate. I tried to be funny, watch and enjoy.

Carnival Crew Dancing Dinning Table

Carnival Crew Dancing on Dinning Table

Carnival Breeze Crew Dancing on Dinning Table.
They announced that the guy at the left corner is supposed to be “Michael Jackson”.
This happened on the Carnival Breeze cruise, as part of entertainment in the dinning room.

With 4k people on the ship, we can hear birthday celebration everyday, this video does not show birthday event because of privacy issues.