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Easy 3-Step Parallel Parking With 3 Simple Markers

For new drivers, parallel parking is considered to be the hardest skill. For non-new drivers, the problem is not remembering how to do it when it is needed. Or you may not have the confidence to do it in one shot.

Mathematically, there is only a single fixed solution to parallel parking. If you follow the instructions exactly, there should be no variations and anyone should be able to complete the parking in one shot without hesitation. When you have a problem, either you are not following the instructions correctly and precisely or more commonly the instructions were not precise and were hard to interpret. Today I am giving you the shortest and very precise instructions in just 3 steps. Instead of using common phrases such “knowing your 4 wheels” or “don’t collide front, back, left or right”, I am providing you with 3 easy to understand and well-aligned markers to follow while you are inside the car driving. The video is a little long because I want to demonstrate multiple times and I want to explain the concept well so that you will never forget. Once you learn it, you’ll be good for life.

I understand that some of you may have your own preferred set of instructions, and may have already mastered the art of parallel parking. However, teaching someone else is quite a different thing! I have spent a year in researching and producing this video, so I would appreciate any comments that let me know if the concept in this video is good or not.

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3 Different Ways To Change Power Steering Fluid

3 Different Ways To Change Power Steering Fluid

I am going to show you 3 Different Ways To Change Power Steering Fluid.
first way: This method is from manufacture’ repair service manual.
2nd way: This is modified version of the first method with two people.
3rd way: This is my easy and lazy way. My easy way not only would eliminate many potential problems, but also it is good for any not mechanically adept person.

How To Hold Steering Wheel Clock 9 & 3 Instead of 10 & 2

What are the new position to hold the car steering wheel?
What  do clocks have anything to do with it? Check out the following video for answers:
9 & 3 Instead of 10 & 2

If you had an older car that didn’t have airbags, it would still be a perfectly acceptable way to hold the wheel at 10 and 2 position. Some people feel that 10 and 2 gives them the most control, they need to be able to accurately & quickly react, however with power steering, the feeling is more psychological rather than physical. An analogy: so many people type their keystrokes so hard as if it were mechanical typewriter, actually it needs not be that hard.