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  • How to Use Chopstick To Open A Wine Bottle

    How to Use Chopstick To Open A Wine Bottle? Very easy and fast. Please use the comment section below to share what is your favorite way to open the bottle. A more comprehensive wine bottle technique can be found here:

  • 10 Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

    10 Ways To Open A Wine Bottle If you don’t have a corkscrew, there are still many possible different ways to open a wine bottle. I classify various methods into 3 categories. Which one of the 10 ways is easier, safer & available? To save you the time, I review 10 different ways to open…

  • How To Make Noodle Using Flour

    How To Make noodle Using Flour? I wanted to try to the technique of La Mian (using hands to stretch to make noodles). So one day I offered to cook a meal. I had experimented adding salt, adding soda, adding oil etc. However, even though I gained knowledge on the topic of lamian, I found…

  • Prepare Simple Classical Thanksgiving Dinner

    How to Prepare Simple Classical Thanksgiving Dinner. Roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, various vegetables.