Month: May 2013

  • Google Chrome Talks Back To You

    Google Chrome Talks Back To You Google Chrome Talks Back To You This experiment is using Google chrome from desktop chrome browser. Not only does it accept voice command, it can also talk back to you. It also understands the context to carry a conversation. A new technology called conversation search.

  • How To Make Noodle Using Flour

    How To Make noodle Using Flour? I wanted to try to the technique of La Mian (using hands to stretch to make noodles). So one day I offered to cook a meal. I had experimented adding salt, adding soda, adding oil etc. However, even though I gained knowledge on the topic of lamian, I found […]

  • Hair Tattoo Experiment

    Hair Tattoo Experiment. If you are not experienced, this video would help you get started. I hope my experiment would save you the time and the irreversible mistakes. Have fun!

  • Car Key Battery Replacement

    Car Key Battery Replacement Your battery may be a different type (so verify it before buying), but what does CR1616 mean? How do you open it? Even though it is an easy operation, since it is so small, make sure you watch this video so that you don’t break anything that is irreversible.