Barcelona, Spain

Travel to Barcelona, Spain welcomes you!
It is the second largest city in Spain.
What to see
how to get around
all major attractions, Casa Milà;Sagrada Família;Antoni Gaudí;Santa Maria del Mar;

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Make Shaving Cream When Traveling

How To Make Shaving Cream When Traveling

If you forgot your shaving cream, how can you make your own shaving cream when you are traveling? Which one is better or worse? The following is the result of experiment, ordering from the best to the worst:
My mix your own 5-1-1
Peanut butter
Cream Cheese

Clear Lake, California

Clear Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake entirely in California (why Tahoe is not?), and has the largest surface area of any freshwater lake entirely in California, the tenth largest by capacity. It is located in Lake County and is fed by runoff flowing into many streams as well as springs in Soda Bay. Its sole outlet is Cache Creek. There is a dam on Cache Creek to increase the lake’s capacity and to regulate outflow.