Carnival Crew Dancing Dinning Table

Carnival Crew Dancing on Dinning Table

Carnival Breeze Crew Dancing on Dinning Table.
They announced that the guy at the left corner is supposed to be “Michael Jackson”.
This happened on the Carnival Breeze cruise, as part of entertainment in the dinning room.

With 4k people on the ship, we can hear birthday celebration everyday, this video does not show birthday event because of privacy issues.

3TB disk only 2.7TB

Why A 3TB disk is only 2.7TB and what is the future trend?  

Just bought a 3TB hard disk drive. However this 3TB disk is 2.72TB in size according to my computer. How do I “lose” 271 GB disk space?
You may not have noticed this when the storage was in mega bytes, because you only lost 5% at that time. You lose 10% in tera bytes age, you will “lose” more percentage when the size of storage increases in the future again.