Month: August 2012

  • Carnival Crew Dancing Dinning Table

    Carnival Crew Dancing on Dinning Table Carnival Breeze Crew Dancing on Dinning Table. They announced that the guy at the left corner is supposed to be “Michael Jackson”. This happened on the Carnival Breeze cruise, as part of entertainment in the dinning room. With 4k people on the ship, we can hear birthday celebration everyday, […]

  • Wake up Old Folks

    Wake up Old Folks With technology changing, why do we want to catch the wave?

  • Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA

    Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA The roller coaster Hurricane shown here will only operate through Sept. 3, 2012 (it has been in operation since 1992) and then be dismantled after Labor Day and shipped to a new owner, the Western Playland Amusement Park in New Mexico. Hurricane would be replaced with a new ride in 2013. […]

  • Les Baux De Provence, France

    Les Baux De Provence, France

  • madrid, spain

    madrid, spain 1. From Dollars to EUROS Withdraw 200 euros and 600 euros at the ATM, $250.88 and $749.44 were deducted from the bank: 2. From Euros to Dollars Deposit 260 euros, get $299.86 credits 3. The rate is not not good at US banks. 4. 6 euros tickets, 8 euros were charged: 5. palacio […]

  • How To Replace Ceiling Fan

    How To Replace Ceiling Fan Don’t remove the old ceiling fan until you study both the old and new ceiling fan first. This will help you replace an old ceiling fan.

  • computer storage in the past

    what is the storage media in my own life time in the past?

  • 3TB disk only 2.7TB

    Why A 3TB disk is only 2.7TB and what is the future trend?   Just bought a 3TB hard disk drive. However this 3TB disk is 2.72TB in size according to my computer. How do I “lose” 271 GB disk space? You may not have noticed this when the storage was in mega bytes, because […]