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How to Fix Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

There are many different reasons why your AC is blowing warm air. Before calling a professional, check out these common causes that are simple to diagnose and easy to fix on your own.
How to Fix Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

I will show you the easy ways to troubleshoot and explain to you the reasons in a very simple way.

Air Conditioner problem: it does blow air but it does not have cool air.

The fan that blows the hot air into the duct is inside your house and controlled by the thermostat. Since there is air (hot air), this fan works. But there is another fan outside your house for the split unit type of air conditioner.

If there is no cool air, check two components that contribute to generate cool air:
1. another fan outside
2. compressor

Start your diagnosis and check three possibilities
1. thermostat
2. outside fan
3. compressor

Eliminate and bypassing the thermostat by pressing the relay:

you may push on the fan to jump start it but since the compressor may not work, you still get no cool air.

need both to be safe:
1. disconnect the power and
2. discharge capacitor

I used masking tape to label the wires

detect a bad capacitor
1. bulged
2. no spark when it is shorted
3. use a capacitor meter to test it

To troubleshoot the compressor, feel the temperature difference between the two tubes if it is a split unit. If it is package unit, then feel the heat exchanger if there is heat transfer.

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