Easy 3-Step Parallel Parking With 3 Simple Markers

For new drivers, parallel parking is considered to be the hardest skill. For non-new drivers, the problem is not remembering how to do it when it is needed. Or you may not have the confidence to do it in one shot.

Mathematically, there is only a single fixed solution to parallel parking. If you follow the instructions exactly, there should be no variations and anyone should be able to complete the parking in one shot without hesitation. When you have a problem, either you are not following the instructions correctly and precisely or more commonly the instructions were not precise and were hard to interpret. Today I am giving you the shortest and very precise instructions in just 3 steps. Instead of using common phrases such “knowing your 4 wheels” or “don’t collide front, back, left or right”, I am providing you with 3 easy to understand and well-aligned markers to follow while you are inside the car driving. The video is a little long because I want to demonstrate multiple times and I want to explain the concept well so that you will never forget. Once you learn it, you’ll be good for life.

I understand that some of you may have your own preferred set of instructions, and may have already mastered the art of parallel parking. However, teaching someone else is quite a different thing! I have spent a year in researching and producing this video, so I would appreciate any comments that let me know if the concept in this video is good or not.

parallel parking
how to
parallel park
reference point
3 steps
3 markers
never forget

Touring Tallin Estonia – 8 Minute Intro (and Tram Adventure)

Tallin, the capital and largest city of Estonia, is one of the oldest capital cities of Northern Europe. The Old Town is one of the best preserved and intact medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another significant place is the Kadriorg Park, which contains the Kadriorg Palace, the KUMU and other art museums, the Estonian presidential residence, along with formal gardens, woodlands, and a children’s amusement park. We also found that taking the tram in Tallin was an adventure!

Old Town
Kadriorg Palace
Kadriorg Park
fat margaret
orthodox church
parliament building
city wall

Easy 5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test & Solving the Slow Flush Mystery

Easy 5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test and Solving the Slow Flush Mystery

Did you know that there are 3 different kinds of openings in your toilet? For a long time, I was trying to figure out the mystery of slow flush in my toilet, and finally I found the explanation and solution. I have discovered this easy 5-second test, which will save your time and money by diagnosing the problem. This is my major contribution to the subject, let’s call it Dr. David Zhang’s 5-second test. I know this 5-second test will not get me a Nobel Prize, but we hope just as many people will benefit because Dr. Zhang’s test is very simple, easy and costs you absolutely nothing.

I will also present two different ways to fix your slow toilet flushing problem.

This video is trying to solve the problem of “slow flushing”. If your problem is “no flushing”, i.e. completely clogged/blocked main drain, please view my previous video:
16 Ways To Unclog A Toilet (Main drain clogged)

5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test
5 Seconds Flush Test
5 Seconds Toilet Test
Dr. David Zhang’s 5-second test
Dr. Zhang’s 5-second test
2 Ways
2 Holes Mystery
Slow Toilet Flush

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UNESCO World Heritage: Peterhof Gardens/Fountains, St Petersburg, Russia

After arriving on hydrofoil, we witnessed the spectacular turning on of the Grand Cascade and the Samson Fountain. The fountains are turned on each morning accompanied by the music of “Hymn to the Great City.” The Peterhof gardens have a unique fountain system that requires no pumps. Water for the fountains is supplied by a gravity-fed water system, 22km long, skilfully designed to exploit the natural slope of the terrain. This system operates no pumps and supplies enough water to the fountains and cascades of Peterhof to keep them working for up to ten hours a day.

The palace and its grounds have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are among the most popular tourist attractions in St. Petersburg. There is a good reason it is called “the Capital of Russian Fountains.” The gardens include many fountains such as Sun Fountain, Chess Mountain (Dragon Hill), Trick Fountains etc.

Peterhof Gardens
Peterhof Fountains
Peterhof Park
Grand Cascade
Samson Fountain
turning on fountain
Hymn to the Great City
fountain opening
Sun Fountain
Chess Mountain
Dragon Hill
Trick Fountains

6 Ways To Eat Dragon Fruit

Have you ever tried Dragon Fruit? I will show you six ways to eat a fresh Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is a little funny looking, the skin is yellow or red, and bumpy. I expected to find a big pit in the middle, but was surprised to find no pit, just little soft crunchy seeds, kind of like the seeds in a kiwi, but a little bigger. The flavor is not strong but nice, like a really good honeydew melon. Note that you shouldn’t eat the skin because it has mild laxative properties :).

dragon fruit
how to eat
fruit salad

High definition video may help you see all of this better. This video is shot in 4K UHD setting (if you have 4K TV, you may select this youtube Setting/Quality).

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Embarrassing Exposure Using StarTrek Like Bathroom/Toilet in Germany

I had the most embarrassing exposure when using a Star Trek like bathroom/toilet. It happened a few days ago on a train to Hamburg, Germany. This train is equipped with a spacious sci-fi looking restroom. Don’t be fooled, it’s not that smart. It does not detect if someone is inside bu I was too impressed by appearances to use it correctly. You can say that I am not very smart but my observation was that other people who do not know German language may also have the same problems. I am sharing my embarrassment with you here now so that you can avoid being the next joke of the day. By the way, the German word verriegeln means “lock.”

German train
German bathroom
German toilet
door open
door close
door lock