Best Way To Pit A Mango Easily, Safely and Cleanly

You’ve been doing it wrong, or not as safely or cleanly. How do you pit a mango (take out the seed) cleanly? You may simply eat your mango without a knife but if you want to serve someone, you need to cut it properly. But mangos are very slippery and you have to be very careful when peeling a mango with a knife.

A mango is one of those fruits that people avoid buying because they don’t know how to cut them. I’ll show you the easiest way.

Of course, there are many other ways to cut and eat the mango:
Top 6 methods To Cut and Eat A Mango

how to pit mango
how to cut mango
mango pit
mango seed
mango skin

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Falling In Love Is Just The Start

Falling In Love Is Just The Start (Official Video), Junxi Li 当感情已成习惯
This is the official video of Junxi Li, song writer, producer and singer.

more Junxi Li’s song can be found here:

Junxi Li , 李俊熙, 音乐人、歌手,获得联合国和平基金会(人类和平使者),512地震巡回演出《雨后彩虹更美》演唱会担任导演艺术总监代表作:《当感情已成习惯》《一定要记得》《爱人路人》《把过去原谅》《爱的迷宫》(花儿多多电视剧主题曲)《还是想你》

Dog Clippers Comparison – Oster and Andis ProClip

We tried 3 different clippers on our own dog. The clippers differ in price, but compared to sending your dog to the groomers for at least $35 each time, investing in almost any DIY clipper will save you plenty of money — and gives you another way to spend quality time with your dog 🙂 Just be aware that some clippers will cut very slowly, some may be noisy, and some may generate more heat.

Pet Clipper
Pet Trimmer
Dog Clipper
Dog Trimmer
over heat

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4th Of July 2015 Fireworks Show in 4K UHD

4th Of July 2015 Fireworks Show in 4K UHD At Almaden Lake Park, San Jose, CA

If you missed the 4th of July fireworks, here is a video for your enjoyment. We hope you had a happy and safe Independence Day. You may also share this video to your friends and family who missed the fireworks. The fireworks were taken on July 4, 2015 at Almaden Lake Park, San Jose, CA.

4th of July Fireworks
Independence Day
Almaden Lake Park
4k UHD

3rd Time Attaching Rearview Mirror– Glue attached to windshield Using 5-minute Eproxy

Just a month ago, I re-attached the rearview mirror (4 years after my first video showing how to re-attach the rearview mirror), but then it fell off again. Certainly last time was a complete failure. This time I spend more time investigating why it failed. I am doing something different to fix this time so that the previous failure would not repeat again. Last time I had two choices:
1. repeat the process of the first fix and see if it works.
2. find the reason it failed and do things differently.
Since the first choice did not work, I am now trying the 2nd this time in this video.

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Rearview Mirror Repair –Glue attached to windshield

4 Years Later, Attaching Rearview Mirror Again — Glue attached to windshield

5-minute Aproxy
Rearview mirror
car repair
fix Do It Yourself
save money
fell off again